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Monkey Majik

空はまるで Lyrics

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旅立つけどlooking in the rear view mirror
I got you here 少しだけclearer
I know with you 全てが広がっていく
All we need is just a little more time流れてるから
Everyday look at yourself and smile
Hoping things will go your way.

確かなことなど何も 誰にもわからないから
どんなことが起こるだろう 手を繋いでI'll never let you get away


1… 1… Hey I wish we hadn't departed,
But now your life has started,
We met at the shop, and still have something in common.
I'm hoping everything is fun,
I'm happy ya had the time to stay.
Letting it back, to chat, chilin' and bringin' it back.

確かなことなど何も 誰にもわからないから
どんなことが起こるだろう 手を繋いで


Everyday I wake up thinking of you
You make it all clear to me
What I want you to do
Leave it up to you
I always knew you'd make it somewhere
You're pushin' it for the top
You never can stop
Enjoy the ride
And you know I'll always be there for you
So make every moment true

'Cause we all grow up and our time is running out
(But) we can teach our youth
That's what life's all about
Maybe you'll fall in love
I may be be your guide 'til then

出会った日の喜びも いつの日か いつの日か



c0128C&#af17;est bien cette mise au point Olivier !Et en effet, il y a ton Blog où chacun discute beaucoup et c’est bien !Mais il y a aussi ton livre “STOP, tirons les leçons de la crise” aux éditions Yves Michel.ça serait bien que tous les intervenants lisent le livre et il n’est pas interdit d’en faire la pub.Bonne soirée à tout le monde.Marc7f2

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I Love Monkey Majik!♥♥♥

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taylor swift

I Love Monkey Majik!♥♥♥

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I Love Monkey Majik!♥♥♥

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