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Genuine:j-girl Suite Lyrics

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神の命 ぬえ草の 女にしあれば
我が心 浦渚の鳥ぞ
今こそは 我鳥にあらめ 後は
汝鳥にあらむを 命は な殺せたまひそ
いしたふや 天馳使 事の
語言も 是をば

青山に 日を隠らば ぬばたまの
夜は出でなむ 朝日の 笑み榮え来て
栲網の 白き腕 沫雪の
若やる胸を そだたき たたき
まながり 眞玉手 玉手さし枕き
百長に 寝は寝さむを あやに
な戀ひ聞こし 八千矛の
神の命 事の 語音も 是をば

It's funny how we met
my little pet I get you wet
I got to jet to get this doe
so we roll in a celsior
not a lexus
lace you with the fly diamond neckless
just keep me calm when I'm wreckless
chill, twist a sack, sit back
sip some yack
just relax, ease your mind
hear my rhyme I'm on time
when I shine you a dime
one of a kind so hard to find
so let me hit it from behind

my sweet babe
my sweet babe

This world filled with hate learned fate
when I was 8 I lost faith.
I was jaded and stayed hated

so was I, I used to cry
try to change,
but the more I cried, the more it stayed the same

I'm sick of havin no doe being broke
Spent all my doe on smoke
Cuz I'm stressed tryin' my best
cuz life's a mess impossible to clean
So I feen for the cream
It's not my dream just my scheme

to me money was never the issue
but even if had money I'd still miss you
Wanna kiss you and have you hold me
and always remember everything you told me

It's seems relationships
People start hatin shit start breakin shit fakin shit
but what about makin it?
I can't stand to fight everynight
It's not right and no way to live

cuz of racism cat's get placed in prison beat cops
stuck in jail no bail
judged by the color of our skin
but what really matters is
what lies with in
That's why we're stress supressed
and blessed I smoke sess
I must confess I can't lie
so until the world changes
I can't die
but the whole time I'll be damn high

faces hatin races
races hatin faces
Why when were all the same
life's precious not a game
it can't be played or undone
it didn't take long to realize
you're the only one

My life
迷って倒れ 悔やんで叫んで
I cherish my life

Your life
立ち止まらず 振り返らず
信じるもの 愛すべき人
Oh cherish your life

To me your one of a kind the only girl on my mind
got me try to find the right line
so you know it's true
everything I do, I do for you
just to see your smile
cause I love your style
and want you to have my child
I know you'd be a great mother
after you there's no other
I wanna be your lover
and love you
never place anyone above you
let me rub you
I wanna love you

my sweet babe
my sweet babe

神の命 ぬえ草の 女にしあれば
我が心 浦渚の鳥ぞ
今こそは 我鳥にあらめ 後は
汝鳥にあらむを 命は な殺せたまひそ
いしたふや 天馳使 事の
語言も 是をば



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