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Dancing In A Circle Lyrics

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作曲:Takeshi Hosomi
作詞:Takeshi Hosomi
Out of nowhere we gathered here
Looking for a cover and human touch
On the morning of leaving
My packed baggage reminds me of the first day I got here
This is the place where we started
Where we shared good time and bad time
Vans are ready to load
Glance at the cave

Glad meetings and sad partings
Time to leave this hideout

We've been dancing in a circle
We gathered around the candles of each one of us
Though we're gonna have to leave here sometime
I found myself wishing for just one more second
Let our souls guide us

We waited for the storm to pass
In this hideout holding together
Pain of losing
Pleasure of gaining
We have a lot of good stories

Though graffiti we painted fade
This cave will still hold our friendships
Finish the last meal
No more looking back

Encounters mean a lot to me
You're my good fellows

Misunderstanding We had many of them
Misguided efforts Now they are funny stories
Hard time we shared a few laughs and many memories
Moving vans are loaded




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