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作曲:Takeshi Hosomi
作詞:Takeshi Hosomi
Our friend's show will begin in 45 minutes
But we are still a hundred miles away from the hall
We are at almost half way there
Driving fast to catch the first song he will sing for us tonight

Our tires are flat
We could be running out of gas
It's getting dark now
Our headlamps are failing
Maps are too old
We don't even know where we are
But we have to go
We think will make it

Step on the gas
We'll be in time at least for the party after the show
Don't forget that we are here to have fun
Not to throw blame around

We screwed up the last corner
Then we had to make left turn to get back to the main street
We are almost there
Come on buddy
We are only 5 minutes late
You know the show could have been delayed

I will take you
I'll lead you there
I promise that I will take you
I'll lead you there

Now the tires are burning
We are at the edge of town
It's dark now
But we see the bright lights there
We don't need these maps anymore
We are quite sure of
Where we are now
We are sure to make it




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